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Without getting into an idealistic feminist discussion about what a character wears or what their motivation is, if some of these femme fatales were real; comic fans would go insane with love and lust. How could you not? Would you rather have a woman that just loves cats or THE Catwoman!?

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Being a superhero has never been the most modest profession out there. Doctors wear white coats and lawyers wear suits, but most superheroes take to the streets decked out in skintight spandex, thigh-high boots and more exposed skin than is likely practical for such a dangerous career. Wardrobe malfunctions happen frequently in this business.

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In New York last week, I met a beautiful art model named Carin, who wore a wisp of silk as if it were a complete shirt. I guess that's what happens when you spend most of your day nude — a whisper of a cami starts to look modest. One of her current gigs is a sculpting class, for which she holds the same pose three hours every Tuesday afternoon.

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Wonder Woman is often thought of as the first woman superhero, the first female to carry her own title in comics, and all in all, the first lady of sequential art. I wouldn't dare argue with the latter, but she was neither the first female hero or title bearer: a number of important woman preceded her to set the stage for the mighty Amazon. Proto-comics had been around for centuries, but it was the arrival of comic strips in newspapers in the late 19 th century that really attracted interest in comic characters and their adventures.

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So, to recap: the males of the species have always liked physically attractive and obviously fertile young women, and always will. It is hard-wired into us. This preference has always manifested in visual art including comicsand always will.

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The sexiest comic book hotties of all time, ranked by comic fans worldwide. This list of the hottest comic book women includes sexy superheroes and the equally sexy villains they fight against — from Wonder Woman to Catwoman. Anyone can vote on the sexiest female superheroes and supervillainsand you can even add your own list to these rankings.

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Trevor is found by a beautiful Amazon Princess named Diana, who nurses him and subsequently falls in Love with him. At first glance, she may look like an empowered, kick-butt, feminist super-heroine amidst a realm dominated by male super-heros. But is Wonder Woman really empowered? Is she really the icon of feminism in graphic novels?

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The all-nude fight scene has been a staple of literature since Eve asked Adam to bite into the fruit of knowledge and Adam said, "Make me. We like nudity, AND we like fighting. Back in the really old days, when the Youtube was called "actual Roman gladiators," naked fighting was literally the "bread" in "bread and circuses.

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