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Anonymous, age and sex unspecified Dear Carole, Why are women so obsessed with the size of a man's cock — wanting ones 6 inches and over and kicking others aside when they really should be concentrating on the emotional connection and love being shared, putting the size of the man's cock right out of her mind? Carole replies: The origins of the primate sex drive go back more than 60m years to the late Mesozoic era when the first primate evolved. A lot of sex has taken place since then, and a significant proportion has been motivated by female choice between rival males.

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As with every other body part, testicle size varies from person to person, often with little or no effect on health. Your testicle is an oval-shaped, sperm-producing organ within your scrotum. The average length of a testicle is between 4.

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For years, I was drawn to his strength, his bravado, his violence. But then he forced me to come to terms with how that idea of masculinity poisoned his life — and mine. Photo illustration by Mike McQuade.

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Micropenis is an unusually small penis. A common criterion is a dorsal measured on top erect penile length of at least 2. The term is most often used medically when the rest of the penis, scrotumand perineum are without ambiguitysuch as hypospadias.

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Weddings can be fun. I came to this conclusion in my early twenties when I went to a family wedding. Little did I realize the opportunities being single at would bring.

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Top definition. Small dick unknown. Usually a 3 to 4 inch penis.

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Michael loses a bet with his bratty twin sister and older cousin. It was the summer before my junior year in high school, I was sixteen, and so was my twin sister Kate. We were about as different as twins could be, except for looking alike.

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This story is over 5 years old. Oct 2am. From seven in the morning to seven in the evening, she checks out cocks. About cocks.

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It has been a real pleasure for me to read many of the stories on JackinWorld where guys like me have recalled the joys of masturbation from pre-puberty to the present. My story is and has been filled with satisfying memories of masturbation. Growing up in a fairly or depending upon how you look at it, unfairly religious family, I was extremely naive about many things.

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The radio was on but I wasn't paying much attention. A woman was being interviewed about a book. Suddenly my attention was grabbed. She claimed that promiscuous male sexual behaviour characteristic of some animal species correlated with the relative size of the species' male genitalia.


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