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Sexually transmitted infections STIs are infections that are spread by sexual contact. These infections are usually passed from person to person through vaginal intercourse. They can also be passed through anal sex, oral sex, or skin-to-skin contact.

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It has significant complications particularly for women. It is treated with antibiotics. Treatment in Sexual Health clinics is free.

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When a person loses some or all of the feeling in their penis, it has become numb. The penis contains many nerve endings, and it is usually very sensitive. Numbness can occur when a person sits in a certain position for a long time.

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What is this tingling not burning in my penis and testes after unprotected sex a week ago. It doesn't hurt when I pee, no dischargecomes and goes, doesn't hurt just tingles. Dysuria is term that refers to any discomfort when urinating. You describe a tingling sensation after having unprotected sex a week ago.

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Is This Normal? This week: numbness during sex. In any other context, most of what happens to your body during sex would be cause for concern.

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STIs Sexually Transmitted Infections are infections you get from someone else, or pass on to someone, if you have sex with them. Many STIs can be easily cured, but all are dangerous if left untreated. Most often, STIs are transmitted by having vaginal, oral or anal sex with someone — the germs can travel in the semen, in the vaginal fluid or in the blood.

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The urethra is the tube that runs from the bladder through the penis. When the urethra is inflamed, it is called urethritis. The urethra becomes swollen and causes burning pain when you urinate.

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In case your sex organ has lost its usual sensitivity and you need a stronger stimulation to get an erection, one may speak about the penis numbness. There are several major reasons that may deprive you of the normal feelings in the sex organ:. No matter what has become the trigger for your problem, except for the numbness, you may also experience:.

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Back to Health A to Z. Pudendal neuralgia is long-term pelvic pain that originates from damage or irritation of the pudendal nerve — a main nerve in the pelvis. The main symptom of pudendal neuralgia is pelvic pain.

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IF there's one body part that you don't want going numb, it's probably your penis. Usually, losing sensation down below is totally harmless and is caused by say, wearing too tight trousers or sitting in one position for too long, leading to pins and needles in your nether regions. But it can also be a sign of a more serious issue which, if left unseen to, can leave you fighting for your manhood and your life.


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