Bunny pee color

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I get people calling me all the time in a panic because their rabbit just left a big puddle of bright orange or red pee. They want to know what kind of awful disease that their bunny must have in order for him to eliminate in such vivid colors. My answer is always the same: red or orange pee does not really mean anything and that your rabbit can occassionally pee those colors.

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Every donation, no matter what the size, is appreciated and will aid in the continuing research of medical care and health of rabbits. Thank you. Rabbit urine always contains a certain amount of sediments.

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Normal rabbit urine can vary considerably in visual appearance. The color can vary from a pale yellow common in other species to a range of oranges and brown to a deep red that is often mistaken for blood. They also secrete normal porphyrin pigments into their urine that can make their urine appear reddish or rusty orange in color.

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The medical term for the presence of blood in the urine is hematuria. It is a condition that is seen fairly often in pet rabbits and can be due to a number of medical disorders. These problems may involve the urinary system directly or, in the case of unspayed female rabbits, may be the result of a diseased reproductive tract.

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The normal color of urine from rabbits is yellow. Sometimes the urine can become red, pink, brown, or orange. This condition, often simply called "red urine," can occur in healthy rabbits as well as those who are ill.

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It can be alarming to see rabbit urine. It varies in colour from fairly pale to orange or sometimes red and it may be quite cloudy and thick. As long as there are no blood flecks or any sludge, there is generally no need for concern.

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If your bunny's urine is milky, that means he's got more calcium in his diet and his system than he can use. Most likely, that's caused by consuming too much alfalfa. Even if you don't feed alfalfa, a legume, as a fiber source in hay, it's the primary ingredient in many commercial rabbit pellets.

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In an ideal world, rabbit pee will always be a shade of yellow. Rabbit pee changes color constantly. Factors including diet, hydration, and stress levels influence the appearance and consistency of rabbit wee. Beyond this, focus more on the consistency of the urine than the color.

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Rabbits produce a lot of urine and it can be lots of different colours, so what is normal and what is abnormal? One of the reasons for this colour change called pigmenturia can be from the food your bunny is eating. Foods that are high in beta carotene such as carrots, spinach, sweet potato and many of the dark green leafy vegetables are broken down in the gastrointestinal system and the by-products are excreted in the urine making it a different colour.

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The popularity of the pet rabbit is continuing to increase, as is the amount of diagnostic work that is being carried out for them. Here is a quick guide to rabbit urinalysis to help you out in practice. Rabbits are herbivores and thus the urine is normally alkaline pH and turbid.


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