Sex with a spinal cord injury

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Although spinal cord injury SCI often causes sexual dysfunctionmany people with SCI are able to have satisfying sex lives. Physical limitations acquired from SCI affect sexual function and sexuality in broader areas, which in turn has important effects on quality of life. Damage to the spinal cord impairs its ability to transmit messages between the brain and parts of the body below the level of the lesion.

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However, the good news is that women with SCI are able to rediscover their sexuality, and can still enjoy rewarding sex lives. Through understanding potential problems, and solving them together with their partner, women with SCI can start to feel like they again live a normal and comfortable life. So, with that in mind, how can women start to rediscover sex after SCI?

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Sexual enjoyment is possible after a spinal cord injury SCI. All it takes is preparation and a little exploration. Far from it.

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About 12 years ago Peter Anzianothen in his 30s, took a spill while driving his motorcycle down a North Carolina road. He fell off his bike, into a water channel off the shoulder, hitting a rock about eight feet down. Anziano tried to stand, but he couldn't move.

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Sexual identity is a significant and encompassing aspect of one's personality — sexuality plays an essential role in how we feel about ourselves, how we relate to others, how others relate to us. To be sure, paralysis often impacts people's sexuality, including changes in physical functioning, sensation and response. Self-image can be shaken.

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But if you ask people who've been living with a spinal cord injury for years, you'll soon find out that enjoying sex with lessened sensation is definitely more than possible. It may be a forced perspective, but when you're stuck in a paralyzed body, this is an absolute necessary thing to do. We are all sexual beings and the desire to be with someone is within us all.

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Place referral orders on your computer or mobile device and track order status for all your orders in real time. For many people, there is a natural, primal instinct to physically connect with someone. This connection is special and is often is taken for granted.

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Following our previous studies on men, we have adapted our clinical protocol to assess the remaining sexual function of women with spinal cord injury SCI. Our protocol involves an assessment of perineal sensitivity to help women acquiring a new mental image of their genitals, followed by an assessment of their sexual responses to natural stimulation, or vibrostimulation or vibrostimulation combined with midodrine 5—20 mg. Blood pressure changes during stimulation to orgasm showed that systolic blood pressure varied from 91 mmHg at baseline to mmHg at orgasm to mmHg at the end of the test.

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The definition above is not usually what most people think of when they think of sex. And, especially when people have experienced a spinal cord injury SCIthere are usually many other questions that come up, such as:. These are just some of the things that may be on your mind.

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Sexuality and Disability. The purpose of this article is to review the literature regarding the impact of altered sexuality and sexual function in individuals with spinal cord injuries. Dependent on both biological and psychological factors, sexual behavior and identity can be deleteriously affected by a spinal injury. The relationship of sexuality, sexual identity, and self-concept is discussed, and a distinction between sex and sexuality is drawn.


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