Skiers thumb therapy

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This is an injury to the ulnar collateral ligament of the metacarpo-phalangeal joint. This is a strong ligament that supports the thumb when pinching or gripping and if it is damaged may lead onto to a chronic instability of the thumb which causes problems with function. The injury happens when you fall onto the outstretched thumb see diagram and is more likely if the thumb is gripping something at the same time.

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The ligament can be injured when the thumb is bent back away from the fingers hyperextended. It is treated with immobilization or surgery. Cases that receive prompt treatment tend to have the best outcomes.

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The injury may also be the result of falling on an outstretched thumb or catching a ball with an outstretched thumb. The injury may be relatively mild or complicated by an avulsion fracture of the proximal phalanx at the insertion of the UCL or a Stener lesion, present when both the proper collateral ligament and the collateral ligament are ruptured. Prior to initiating any treatment protocol, a careful examination of the thumb by a trained medical specialist is necessary to determine the extent of the injury and the appropriate treatment.

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This ligament is at the base of the thumb on the side near the pointer index finger. It helps keep the thumb stable when grasping or pinching objects. This can cause pain. It can also limit movement and use of the thumb.

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Hooray, football season has kicked off. Football, netball, and basketball are just few other examples. Forcefully twisting with the hand can also cause the injury.

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Ligaments are fibrous bands of connective tissue made of collagen, which join bone to bone. Ligaments provide stability and limit excessive motion of the joint. In the thumb, the joint is the hinge that allows the finger to bend.

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Gamekeeper's thumb also known as skier's thumb or UCL tear is a type of injury to the ulnar collateral ligament UCL of the thumb. It also occurs among people who sustain a fall onto an outstretched hand, frequently skiers. Symptoms of gamekeeper's thumb are instability of the MCP joint of the thumb, accompanied by pain and weakness of the pinch grasp.

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Skier's thumb, also known as Gamekeeper's thumb, is an injury to the ulnar collateral ligament UCLwhich is located in the metacarpophalangeal MCP joint where the thumb meets the hand. The purpose of the UCL is to keep the thumb stable in order to pinch objects. An injury to the UCL can be painful and result in a loss of function and pinch strength.

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Please note: Our Online Booking tool is currently down, please contact us on to arrange your appointment and we will honour any online booking discount. Contact Clinics Search Menu. Contact us Our Clinics Search.

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A sprained thumb occurs when the ligaments that support the thumb stretch beyond their limits or tear. This usually happens when a strong force bends the thumb backwards, away from the palm of the hand. The most common way for this to occur is by falling onto an outstretched hand.


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