Adult respitory distress syndrome

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Acute respiratory distress syndrome is a type of respiratory lung failure resulting from many different disorders that cause fluid to accumulate in the lungs and oxygen levels in the blood to be too low. The person has shortness of breath, usually with rapid, shallow breathing, the skin may become mottled or blue cyanosisand other organs such as the heart and brain may malfunction. A fingertip sensor pulse oximetry or a sample of blood from an artery are used to determine the levels of oxygen in the blood, and a chest x-ray is also taken.

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The damage also causes inflammation that leads to the breakdown of surfactant —a liquid that helps keep your air sacs open. The air sacs may become damaged as a result of an illness, such as a lung infection, or breathing in smoke. Other illnesses or injuries may trigger inflammation that damages the air sacs.

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The acute respiratory distress syndrome ARDS can be induced by viral diseases, with two virus types being responsible: respiratory viruses that cause community-acquired viral pneumonia and Herpesviridae that cause nosocomial viral pneumonia. Among the respiratory viruses that can affect the lung and cause ARDS, pandemic viruses head the list, with influenza viruses H5N1 and H1N1 being the most recently identified. However, other viruses can cause severe ARDS.

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All works go through a rigorous selection process. The Impact Factor measures the average number of citations received in a particular year by papers published in the journal during the two receding years. CiteScore measures average citations received per document published.

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Back to Health A to Z. Acute respiratory distress syndrome ARDS is a life-threatening condition where the lungs can't provide the body's vital organs with enough oxygen. Most people have therefore already been admitted to hospital by the time they develop ARDS.

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Acute respiratory distress syndrome ARDS is a life-threatening lung condition that prevents enough oxygen from getting to the lungs and into the blood. Infants can also have respiratory distress syndrome. Depending on the amount of oxygen in the blood and during breathing, the severity of ARDS is classified as:. ARDS leads to a buildup of fluid in the air sacs alveoli.

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Acute respiratory distress syndrome ARDS is a type of respiratory failure characterized by rapid onset of widespread inflammation in the lungs. Causes may include sepsispancreatitistraumapneumoniaand aspiration. The primary treatment involves mechanical ventilation together with treatments directed at the underlying cause.

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Jump to navigation. We set out to determine, from randomized controlled trials, which drugs improve health outcomes in adults with acute respiratory distress syndrome ARDS. ARDS is a life-threatening condition caused by injury to the lungs, for example from infections such as pneumonia or sepsis, or from trauma.


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