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Semen is collected from dogs for breeding soundness exams, as well as for artificial insemination. Semen collected for insemination can be used fresh, or can be cooled and shipped to another location. Canine semen can also be frozen, allowing long term storage.

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Customer Service for Subscribers. Living with dogs means living with, or at least ignoring, their somewhat gross behaviors. A male dog, however, has one behavior that is incredibly embarrassing, especially around polite company.

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The following interview was originally released as a podcast on February 27, This is an abbreviated transcript. Schultz elaborates on his answers in the recorded podcast, so please listen to learn even more.

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My 2-year-old German Shepherd leaks clear and odorless liquid whenever he sleeps. What could this be? His history: I have had him for 6 months. He is a personal protection trained K

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Pet's info: Dog Bull Terrier Male unneutered 1 year old. Male dogs will commonly have some yellowish discharge from the prepuce that's the skin around the penis. A minor amount of discharge is normal.

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Unlike the female, few medical conditions affecting the male reproductive system are life-threatening. This is why, although early neutering increases the life expectancy of females it does not do so with males. The most common problems cause discharge from the prepuce and changes in the size of the testicles.

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While it can be annoying and messy that your dog is dripping urine, you need to have your dog examined by your veterinarian. Dripping urine is not necessarily a sign that your dog is suffering from incontinence. Submissive urination usually affects young dogs that are frightened or not confident and they will generally outgrow it.

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See files for Dogs. A dog's penile health is not always apparent. We may not pay much attention to that area of their body unless we are giving them a bath or if they lie down to expose their belly. This is why it is so important to observe any behavioral changes in our pet.

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The subject of intentional breeding or meat rabbits is prohibited. The answers provided on this board are for general guideline purposes only. The information is not intended to diagnose or treat your pet. What are we about?


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