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You may have heard one of the many myths circulating about having sex in the water—be it a hot tub, pool, lake, or ocean. This isn't true. You can get pregnant when having sex in a hot tub, bathtub, or hot springs with high water temperature.

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Traveling to romantic places may bring out your more adventurous side. Exotic landscapes, hidden waterfall lagoons, lavish hotel suites with hot tubs built for two, and private pool loggias may tempt you to expand your lovemaking horizon. So, this begs the question—can you have safe underwater sex?

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Here's a quick multiple choice question: Which of the following can keep you from getting pregnant? I'm sure you all chose D Prompted by a comment from Sherri Shepard on The Viewthe Situation asserted that the temperature in a hot tub "takes care" of sperm, implying that birth control isn't needed.

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Sex in the tub is getting popular lately due to the fact that there are SO many different things you can do in a tub. There are also many different elements you can bring to your sexcapades in the hot water of your bubbly tub that makes it SO much more fun. Sure, it feels good, but it would be SO much better if you had some spontaneity. When you spice up your sex life, both parties are more satisfied afterwards.

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Steamy hot tubs seem like the most romantic place to have sexbut is it really safe to do so? The short answer is no. Having sex in water in general is not recommended, and hot tubs - cesspools of bacteria that they are - present their own unfortunate risks.

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From horror stories about infections and rashes to romanticized hot tub trysts on shows like Riverdaleyou've likely encountered a lot of conflicting information about whether or not it is safe to have sex in a pool or hot tub. In an effort to set the record straight, I asked two experts to help clarify the myths and truths about underwater sex. The answer to the safety question is more nuanced than a simple yes or no, but if you do choose to get intimate in a pool or hot tub, there are certain precautions you should take and potential risks to be aware of.

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By Stephen Matthews For Mailonline. But women should think twice - it could leave you with a yeast infection or red rashes running alongside your vagina. The mixture of chemicals and hot water is a breeding ground for harmful bacteria, says Californian-based gynaecologist Dr Diana Hoppe.

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Getting down and dirty is fun, but hot tub sex takes it to another level of dirrty. Besides the fact that getting it on in any body of water seriously ups your risk of a UTIa quickie in the jet streams comes with its own set of terrifying issues for your lady partssays gynecologist Diana Hoppe, M. An STD Although leftover gonorrhea probably isn't floating around in there, hot tub chemicals won't sterilize the STDs your partner is carrying.

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If you have ever watched a single episode of reality TV then you know that the hot tub is very often the scene of many erotic encounters. There's something about those bubbles, those jets hitting all the right and so wrong places, seeing your honey in a swimsuit, and feeling all that tension melt away thanks to the heat of the water. But having sex in a hot tub is actually one of the worst things you can do to your vagina.

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Getting steamy in a hot tub might sound sexy but before you think about doing so, please spare a thought for your intimate health and the litany of complications that can arise when you do the dirty in the bubbles. Concerned for the genital wellfare of those taking part in the show, we spoke to Dr Shazia Malik, who is a Consultant Obstetrician and Gynecologist, and Balance Activ ambassador say that five times fast about the potential risks attached to sex in a hot tub. Also sex will inevitably introduce some of these in the vagina which poses a risk.


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