Asians and alcohol metabolization

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Getting a red face after downing alcoholic beverages is not a sign of strong qi energy flow or good blood circulation, but rather, it is an indication that your body is not metabolising alcohol efficiently. The main method that the body metabolises or breaks down alcohol is dependent on two enzymes:. Due to genomic differences, 80 per cent of Asians have an overactive alcohol dehydrogenase.

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Alcohol is classified as a depressant because it slows down the central nervous system, causing a decrease in motor coordination, reaction time and intellectual performance. At high doses, the respiratory system slows down drastically and can cause a coma or death. It is particularly dangerous to mix alcohol with other depressantssuch as GHB, Rohypnol, Ketamine, tranquilizers or sleeping pills.

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Alcohol intolerance is an inherited metabolic disorder. With alcohol intolerance, drinking just small or moderate amounts of alcohol ethanol causes unpleasant sensations. This metabolic disorder affects the enzyme that regulates alcohol metabolism.

Whenever my mother drank alcohol she would flush a bright, almost nuclear red. Her head would pound and she'd slur her words after literally one drink. Add in that she is from Hong Kong and you can practically see the knowing looks on people's faces: it's the 'Asian gene', they're thinking.

Tamara L. Wall, PhD; Charles M. Peterson, MD; Karen P.

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Kat Arney is back with her mythconception and this week she's been busy researching in the pub Kat - If you're from an Asian background, or if you've ever been out boozing with Asians, you've probably heard of 'Asian glow', and maybe even seen it in action. It's the flushed red face that some people get when they drink alcohol, along with other effects such as a fast heartbeat and a raised temperature after just one or two drinks.

Terry Mulhern does not work for, consult, own shares in or receive funding from any company or organisation that would benefit from this article, and has disclosed no relevant affiliations beyond their academic appointment. More than one in three people with East Asian heritage Chinese, Japanese and Korean experience facial flushing when drinking beer, wine or spirits. In Asian populations, it is due to an inherited deficiency in one of the enzymes involved in the breakdown of alcohol: aldehyde dehydrogenase.

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We would like to apologize for an outdated and insensitive article on women and alcohol that was here. The content of the article did not reflect the values of our office. We are sorry for the harm that the article may have caused people who read it.

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Alcohol flush reaction is a condition in which a person develops flushes or blotches associated with erythema on the face, neck, shoulders, and in some cases, the entire body after consuming alcoholic beverages. The reaction is the result of an accumulation of acetaldehydea metabolic byproduct of the catabolic metabolism of alcoholand is caused by an aldehyde dehydrogenase 2 deficiency. This syndrome has been associated with an increased risk of esophageal cancer in those who drink.

There are three different enzymes which the body uses to convert alcohol to acetaldehyde. All three of these enzymes work by stripping two hydrogen atoms off from the alcohol molecule. This converts the alcohol molecule into a molecule of acetaldehyde as shown in Figure 1.


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