Divorce and teen daughters

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When my parents sat my brother and me down at the ages of nine and 11, respectively to announce their divorce, they discussed how wonderful they would be as co-parents in two loving households. Their decision to divorce was not unexpected in my eyes, but it ended up engulfing so much more of my life than I thought it would. Upon implementation of the Shared Parenting Plan, we started switching houses every other week.

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Updated September 27, Sullen exchanges and broken curfews are part of life for parents of teenagers, but could this period also be a stress-test for parents' marriages? Our new data analysis finds parents with daughters are slightly more likely to separate than those with sons, but only during the teenage years.

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In the research, two million marriages were studied in The Netherlands over 10 years. The researchers wondered if parents of girls are more likely to divorce, as previous research from the United States has suggested. It seems that there is in fact a higher divorce rate among parents of daughters — but only when those daughters are aged between 13 and 18 years.

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Being divorced isn't easy. Being a child with divorced parents isn't easy either. But being a teenager with divorced parents

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The breakup of a family may signify the loss of childhood for girls. Many parents report that their daughter grew up quickly or rebelled against family rules or traditions after their divorce. Certainly, adolescence is a time of transition from being a child to establishing an identity different from your parents.

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Ribar For The Conversation. With an estimated 42 per cent of marriages ending in divorce, rates of separation around the world are higher than ever. And a new study suggests that divorce risks increase with children's ages, with parents of teenage daughters at greatest risk.

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Strained relationships between parents and daughters can bring couples to a breaking point, research suggests. The good news is that it only lasts through the teenage years. However, the risk disappears if the father grew up with a sister.

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Sharing personal information brings people closer together. Verified by Psychology Today. Pop Psych. This makes a good deal of theoretical sense, as children aren't developing to be better children; they're developing to become adults in their own right.

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Parents are more likely to separate during their children's teenage years if their first child is a girl. It occurs most often in families with strong traditional attitudes to gender roles, and where the father grew up with sisters the effect disappears. The study looked at data on over two million marriages in the Netherlands and considered other large scale studies of family life in that region.

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Jump to navigation. Divorce is painful enough without having lost a partner to confide in. Many women, left on theirown with children to take care of and a life to rebuild, begin to discuss some of their frustrationsand problems with their own children.


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