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Across the world, the LEEP is the standard treatment to surgically remove the offending cervical cells in the hope of preventing cancer. She left several messages with her doctor but never heard back. The LEEP is the gold standard treatment for women whose Pap smears come back showing a high level of cervical dysplasia, which means there are lesions on the cervix that may develop into cancer.

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Time to move on to a modern browser This website contains features not supported by your current web browser. To view this website please use a more current version of web browser. The doctor will freeze the cervix with a local anaesthetic, similar to the ones used by your dentist.

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After the procedure, I came home and started crying. I felt completely numb. I ended up with an infection, and I assumed that was why four weeks later I felt pain in my pelvic area.

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I know this subject keeps arising here and I've seen it pop up and discussed many times. I am now a frigid 30 year old and gotten to the point where this is starting to affect my marriage. Before the surgery, I had a very high sex drive and always have been sexually active.

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Loop electrosurgical excision procedure LEEP uses a wire loop heated by electric current. It is used as part of the diagnosis and treatment for areas that are abnormal or cancer. The lower genital tract includes the cervix and vagina.

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I have just had my first LEEP done a week ago. When I asked the doctor how long to wait to have sex, he said until the bleeding stops. Where I am confused is the pamphlet they gave me says to wait a few weeks.

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The average time to wait before having sex after a LEEP procedure loop electrosurgical excision procedure is about four to six weeks. If you have LEEP, you may need to wait a longer or shorter time to have sex, depending on how much of your cervical tissue needed to be removed. The more abnormal the cervical tissue, the more time the cervix needs to heal properly.

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Drew liked to touch the spot where her legs met her butt—and she loved to let him. She was so hypersexual that sometimes just tilting her hips into him, even fully clothed, could trigger that intense pulse-pulse-pulse deep inside her. That wild flurry of contractions that felt like every cell in her body was lighting up and regenerating.

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In a story that's equal parts illuminating and upsetting, Cosmopolitan reported that people with vaginas are losing their ability to orgasm after undergoing LEEPor loop electrosurgical excisional procedure. LEEP, which uses a small electrical wire loop to remove cells from the cervix via an electric current, is considered to be a safe, non-invasive way to remove pre-cancerous cells from the cervix. But unlike equivalent procedures used to treat prostate cancer in men, it hasn't been extensively studied to determine whether or not it has serious adverse sexual side effects, Dr.

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A searchable database of the laws, people, organizations, and litigation involved in sexual and reproductive health and justice in the United States. We are two obstetrician-gynecologists who specialize in reproductive endocrinology and infertility, and we want to reassure patients that while sexual dysfunction is common in general, permanent sexual dysfunction is not a known complication of a LEEP. In addition, the Cosmopolitan article fails to fully convey an important point: LEEPs are not elective. Rather, they are necessary to prevent cervical cancer and save lives.


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