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In other words, if we stopped believing in the power of a social construct, it would essentially cease to exist. Sure, maybe your life experience or mentality and the fact that you might have a new hobby, lolbut those things also change after you start your first job or have kids—so why's there so much emphasis on this thing in particular? One reason that virginity became a prized attribute at all is because it acts as a tool to control women and their bodies.

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From Cosmopolitan. Aka if we stopped believing in the power of a social construct, it would essentially cease to exist. Sure, maybe your life experience or mentality and the fact that you might have a new hobby, lolbut those things also change after your first job or having kids—why so much emphasis on this thing in particular?

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The actress and singer shunned undergarments yet again, letting it all hang out on Monday in Los Angeles. The year-old was spotted running barefoot across a road wearing a sleeveless pinstriped shirt that exposed her entire side and showed off more than just her dream-catcher tattoo. At one point, the former "Hannah Montana" star just narrowly avoided a complete wardrobe malfunction, making sure to hold down the side of her shirt as she continued to jog across the street.

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Miley Cyrus has said and done a lot of unusual things in the name of feminism and sexual freedom. We mean But a new Instagram post and message from the artist has truly left followers both angry and confused, as Cyrus appears to be taking the stance that everyone out there is just banging left and right. In other words, in this context, Cyrus is apparently saying that virginity is simply an "idea or a notion" that, in reality, is nothing more than an "artifice.

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Miley Cyrus has come a long way from the sanitised Disney Channel persona of her early years. Each one has a marginalised identity not typically seen within pop culture. The video is also littered with feminist slogans, including one that has sparked controversy online: virginity is a social construct.

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Certain fans have a lot of feelings about Miley Cyrus' quote about virginity being a social construct. And not in a good way. It all started with Cyrus' "Mother's Daughter" video that originally came out on July 2.

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The pop princess took to Instagram with some strong opinions and now people are a little pissed off. Miley Cyrus is being trolled for her virginity comment. Two hands wrapped around a blood red heart complete with…teeth?

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That fleshy bit of tissue is more mythical than Sisyphus' rock although many men have blamed both for their feelings of deep-seated failure. The year-old pop singer recently released a red latex-filled music video for "Mother's Daughter," the latest single off her EP She Is Coming. Cyrus has proven to the world that despite marrying Liam Hemsworth, she hasn't settled down, still appreciates hot womenand she's still freaky.

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Miley Cyrus just posted on Instagram that virginity is a social construct and the internet has some thoughts. Miley Cyrus' vagina teeth bodysuit in her 'Mother's Daughter' video was a "powerful" statement Miley gave us some serious slurping in an ASMR video which saw her chomp on squelchy fruit. Not one to waste, she also used the fruit okay, we can't confirm it's the same fruit… to cover her chest for a collection of hoodies in partnership with Planned Parenthood and Marc Jacobs.

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Since releasing her latest music video on 2 July, the singer has been promoting it with clips and stills on Instagram. However, some fans were quick to accuse the star of being a bad role model for young fans, while also imposing her views on others when she shared a recent post about virginity being a social construct, a statement that also appears in the music video. Despite the backlash, many fans have defended the singer and attempted to explain the actual meaning behind the controversial post. You can find our Community Guidelines in full here.


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