Parotid gland facial numbness

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Background Parotidectomy was first introduced into the world literature by Berard in who removed a parotid tumor of 8 years' duration. Since then the procedure has been modified and applied to a variety of benign and malignant conditions affecting the gland; superficial parotidectomy, subtotal parotidectomy, and total parotidectomy are now the options available to the head and neck surgeon. The primary goal of parotid surgery is the complete removal of tumors while preserving facial nerve function.

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Jump to content. Top of the page Check Your Symptoms. Facial problems can be caused by a minor problem or a serious condition.

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Parotid tumors are the most common type of salivary gland tumors, accounting for 80 to 85 percent of all salivary gland tumors. While most parotid tumors are noncancerous benignthe parotid glands are where nearly 25 percent of cancerous malignant salivary gland tumors develop. The parotid glands, located just in front of the ears on each side of the face, are the largest of the three sets of major salivary glands.

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Facial nerve paralysis is a common problem that involves the paralysis of any structures innervated by the facial nerve. The pathway of the facial nerve is long and relatively convoluted, so there are a number of causes that may result in facial nerve paralysis. Facial nerve paralysis is characterised by facial weakness, usually only in one side of the face, with other symptoms possibly including loss of tastehyperacusis and decreased salivation and tear secretion.

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Salivary glands produce saliva, which keeps the mouth moist and supports digestion. Salivary gland cancer is a rare cancer that starts in the tissue of one of these glands. It affects 1 in everypeople.

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This material must not be used for commercial purposes, or in any hospital or medical facility. Failure to comply may result in legal action. Medically reviewed by Drugs.

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The parotid gland is a key pathway for the facial nerve and can have a significant role in facial nerve disorders. The parotid gland is an important salivary gland in the body because it is a key pathway for the facial nerve. It also can have a significant role in facial nerve disorders.

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These tumors occur predominantly in major salivary glands. The parotid gland is affected most often, ranging from Several surgical approaches have been described to treat this tumor.

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However, facial paralysis can also be caused by benign salivary gland tumors. Computed tomography demonstrated filling and erosion of the stylomastoid foramen with a mass on the facial nerve. Postoperative histopathology showed the presence of a pleomorphic adenoma.

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KEN S. A year-old man presented with weakness on the right side of his face that occurred abruptly when he awoke that morning. He also had excess lacrimation in his right eye. About three days before onset of the facial weakness, he experienced mild right otalgia that resolved the same day.


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